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Repair Process

XBOX & PS3 Reflow Repair Process.

Dark Infrared TechnologyAlthough other sites may charge less by noting or even bragging that they fix thousands of units every week, At Aeon Tech we focus on the ‘quality’ of the fix and not the ‘quantity’. Every box receives 4-6 hours of repair service to include actual thermal cycle testing in order to ‘prove’ out the fix vs. other sites who will throw it on a reflow machine, box it up if they get power on and slap on a XX-Day warranty just to pull you in. At a thousand units a week, that scenario might work for them…but not for you! Returns for them are ‘simply’ part of their profit equation. Returns for us are a true disappointment. We treat each and every system like it’s our own! As you’ll see below, our repair process is comprehensive, meaning it is inclusive of multiple chip reflows as there may be additional error codes ‘stacked’ in your system so that when one is fixed, another is revealed. You will only be charged the one-time repair fee, regardless of the number of chips or error codes that may ultimately need to be reflown / repaired.

1. Once you arrive at one of our locations we will gather your contact information and record which problem you are having with your console. Your console then goes into our repair queue.

2. When your system is next up for repair we carefully use the proper tools to open your system without damage. Using incorrect tools can leave nasty marks on your console.

3. System gets a full cleaning as it’s being dismantled and all your console parts are placed in a bin with your contact information in it.

4. Your motherboard is placed on the re-work station and we perform a reflow of your GPU and/or CPU.

5. Once the reflow process is done we give your motherboard ample time to cool down.

6. We apply the necessary amount of Artic Silver 5 on your CPU & GPU chips and then we put your system back together to test. If your system powers on correctly we then test the system with a game for a few hours.

7. After we let a game run for a few hours with no failure including thermal cycle testing we then give you a call to arrange pick-up or shipping of your console.

* Turn around time for consoles is 24-48 hours unless an expedited service is requested.

** If your console requires an out of stock part your console return time will be delayed until the part is received.


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