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Thank You!

It is a pleasure to announce that Green Door Geeks has been in business for three years. We would like to thank all our customers beleiving in us and allowing us to work on your electronics when the fail or act up. Whether you brought us a Playstation 3, Xbox 360 or a Computer system we are confident we provided the best repair possible at a reasonable price. At Green Door Geeks we believe customer service is just as important as the electronic that is being repaired and we feel that is one of the key factors that has helped us survive in this field. Looking forward we plan to expand the amount of electronics we repair to include iPads, Tablet PCs & other tech gadgets.

Once again Thank You for being our customer and for the word of mouth and for keeping us in mind when it comes to your desktop or laptop computer, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or Wii Video Game system.


Luis Cruz
Green Door Geeks

3 Comments to “Thank You!”

  1. !great customer service! Any day of the week you ask me who i would rather bring my buisness to..”best Buy” which i might add is not the best buy… or the green door and 10,outta 10 times im gonna tell you green door……. best prices on hardware and accesories around….

    ps: one thing i hate when i walk into a computer/console repair store is under knowledgable staff that have no idea what you are talking about…green door always knows exactly the problem or what i need.

  2. Awesome Technical evaluation/performance and unmatched Customer Service!

  3. First i want to say i read a bad comment on this sight. I am a great judge of character and i do not believe the customer after having a flawless experience at green door geeks. The people are kind ,Friendly and knowledgeable about everything they are doing.I had 2 xbox’s and two playstation 3’s fixed here and i purchased a black 250 gig for a steal just because they were so great and helpful. I would recommend this place to my Mother.These funny guys will be around a long time if the keep this kind of customer service up . Thank you sooooooo much.Love your HERO Tony!

  4. Awesome customer service! They unbelievably fixed my kid’s Xbox in 1 hour! Great job! Thanks!

  5. I was fortunate enough to find Greek Door Geeks just be driving by and seeing their sign. When I had to get my laptop fixed I remembered seeing it. That was 2 years ago and I don’t know what I would have done had I not found them. The owners are wonderful and I totally trusted them with my laptop. Their charges for the work was more then reasonable and thank god for that because I live on a fixed income. I have probably been their at least a half a dozen times for various reasons, two of which when I went in and Luis saw it was a minor problem so he fixed it right then with no charge. Being not computer savy anyone could have taken advantage of me. Awesome people, great service and great prices! love them both lots!

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