POM Plates Information


We order our POM sheets at 1.5mm thickness though parts of the sheets can vary up to 1.6mm therefore our POM plate thickness vary from 1.5mm to 1.6mm.  The POM sheets we receive from our vendor(s) are supplied with no protective paper covering on them & as such the material is prone to surface scratching.  We have requested sheets with protective covering but as of now three vendors have told us it is not available.  We have come up with a method to highly reduce laser heat marks but occasionally a heat mark can show up. (mostly on back side of plate)   This does not affect the functionality of the plate.  

Laser Kerf:

Laser kerf has been adjusted on all POM plates listed on the website.  I also adjust laser kerf on all custom POM plates uploaded to me.  


I brand all POM plates with my SMRT branding as well as a plate name.  Because of the small font size of the branding sometimes the inner pieces of a letter will come off.  Common on letters such as Q, R, O, P, A, D, G, & B as well as numbers 6, 8, 9, & 0.  I take much caution when removing the lettering though sometimes they do break.  

Pro Plates:

Pro POM plates have notches cut into the back of them to help with switches clipping in.  This opens up the range of switch compatibility than a standard POM plate.  99.6% of our POM plates are Pro version.  All Custom POM plate orders have this applied to them as well.  (See below image)

POM plate Switch Notches


Switch compatibility:

While the Pro POM plates have notches cut into the back of them to help with switches clipping in and I have tested many switches, there are way too many switches on the market and fitment cannot be guaranteed for all.  Some switches clip in, some are snug and some are loose.  While even the loose switches can be soldered with no issues, these switches wouldn't be ideal for a hotswap / POM plate combo as the switches can pull out when swapping out the keycaps. While this works out fine for some, others might find it it to be a nuisance.  YMMV.

This seems to be the case with POM plates from most vendors.  It's hard to give an exact list of which switches work best as for instance one batch of Tangies  would clip in while another batch would just be snug. 

Final note:

Below are some examples of the scratches on an uncut sheet as well as a few images of a plate once cut at different angles to show surface scratches.  Finally the last image shows the heat marks.  I have a new method that reduces heat marks by 98% but nonetheless a few marks can still occur.  If any of the above are issues for you please do not purchase a POM plate.  There will be no refunds on POM Plates due to the flaws mentioned above.


Thank You.  


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Uncut POM Sheet 
Cut POM Plate Example 1
Cut POM Plate Example 2
Cut POM Plate Example 3
Cut POM Plate Example 4
POM Laser Heat Marks
POM Burn Marks