Custom SMRTfoam

Custom SMRTfoam

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Custom Plate & Case SMRTfoam. 

A plate file is required (unless otherwise noticed) for all custom plate foam.  

Note:  Standard plate foam is 4MM.  Order 3MM if you know there are clearance issues.  Case foam should be 2MM.  Only order thicker if you are 100% sure you have the clearance for it.

2MM = ⁵/₆₄ (.078 inch)

3MM = ¹/₈ (.118 inch)

4MM = ⁵/₃₂ (.157 inch)

New: Case foam.  Basic rectangles only.  Only order this item if you have provided exact dimensions in millimeters. (txt file OK)

I cannot guarantee the fitment on custom cut foams as I likely do not own the board.  You are responsible for making sure that the file(s) you provided or dimensions provided are accurate.  Minor adjustments cuts may be necessary for proper fitment. 

Note:  Custom cut plate foam lead times can be up to 2 weeks.